How to Play and Win Roulette: 7XM Tips and Tricks


One of the most popular games at a casino is roulette. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on a brick-and-mortar, online or live casino; there are always plenty of seats available. Today, new game features allow players to join the action even when no seats are available. It’s even better because they can use old winning strategies at home.

A Random Number Generator, however indispensable for ensuring random and unbiased results, was inaccessible to betting systems and strategies. Hence, players had to give up and play their favorite games.

As live roulette employs real dealers, cards, and wheels, players can now maximize winnings, whereas roulette players were once limited to minimizing losses. For this game, it is vital to remain focused and stay on track. Several tips, strategies, and betting systems work best. Read them through, practice, and eventually, you will win.

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How to Play Live Roulette

Despite its appearance, live roulette is one of the easiest live casino games to learn. You can easily become an expert in this in-depth guide to the rules and strategies of live roulette. With its straightforward set-up and easy-to-understand bets and odds, becoming an expert takes little time.

Live Roulette Layout

If you’re familiar with the real-life roulette table, live roulette shouldn’t be too hard to get your head around. The roulette table has two distinct betting sections on the screen. The long betting table is for inside bets, while the wide, perpendicular betting table is for outside bets. The wheel is at the top of the table, and the croupier, who spins the wheel, drops the ball and calls the winning bet. Live casino formats typically involve the dealer playing on a physical table, where you can place your bets using real chips and watch the wheel spin in real-time. Some live roulette lobbies, however, only feature a computer-generated betting table and a wheel.

There are two commonly used types of live roulette wheels:

• European Roulette – European roulette wheels have 37 individual pockets, from 0 to 36, and a house edge of 2.7%.

• American Roulette – American roulette has 38 pockets plus a 00, with a house edge of 5.26%.

Despite looking similar, their differences in house edge attract different types of players. If you enjoy better odds, try European – if you enjoy a challenge, try American.

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How to Bet in Live Roulette

It takes only a few steps to place a bet on a live roulette table: choose the amount you want to bet (as long as it’s higher than the minimum bets in that lobby), then select the bet you want to make, and click on it. After you place your bet, the live dealer will acknowledge it and place physical chips on the table. The good news is that you can place as many bets as you like in live roulette.

A croupier spins the wheel and calls the winning number. If you win, your bet wins, and you receive the odds of your bet, but if you lose, your chips are taken, and your bankroll is drained.

Inside Bets and Odds

The inside bet is a bet on a single number. In live roulette, there are several different types of inside bets you can make:

• Straight – this is a single number bet (two, 23, 14, etc.) with 35:1 odds, meaning a ₱50 bet would produce a payout of ₱2000

• Split – bets placed across two adjacent numbers, and the chip is placed on the line that separates them, with a 17:1 payout

• Street – The bet is placed on three consecutive numbers at odds of 11:1

• Corner – Bets on four separate numbers with an 8:1 odds

• Line – a line bet involves two rows of six numbers, separately with odds of 5:1

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Outside Bets and Odds

A range of outside bets is available in live roulette and online roulette. These bets include:

• Red/Black – Choose whether the ball lands on a red or black number at 1:1 odds

• Odd/Even – This bet is on whether the ball will land in an odd pocket or an even pocket, with a 1:1 chance

• High/Low – This last bet has odds of 1:1, so you bet on whether the ball will land on a number between 1-18 and 19-36

• Dozens – Select 12 numbers from a table with odds of 2:1.

• Column – 12 numbers are placed on one of the inside bet columns, with odds of 2:1.

With 7XM’s live casino lobby, you can play live roulette for yourself now that you know how it is done.

Although roulette was originally a game of pure chance, following some simple rules can maximize your winnings. As well as the so-called ‘gambler’s’ strategy, which involves placing chips at both even- and odd-numbered positions on the live roulette wheel, there is also the Martingale system, which doubles your wager after a loss.

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Live Roulette Tips & Tricks

Avoid pursuing “hot streaks”

In general, they are the result of a combination of skill and luck, not long runs of good luck. It is common for new players to experience streaks, which is usually a sign that they have played for some time. Remember that the odds are still in your favor when playing the casino games you love by embracing the thrill of playing them. If you’re having fun when you’re betting, you’re more relaxed, which allows you to make quicker decisions.

Read the casino rules

There are complex rules to roulette, as with any gambling game, and they differ according to which roulette casino you are playing. Knowing the rules will allow you to tailor your game to your strategy and stakes. Check the rules before you enter. They may differ from casino to casino and from table to table.

The Instant Replay feature on the casino’s website allows you to check the live roulette odds using a headset, as most casinos like 7XM, for example, use a live commentary to explain the rules.

Make a bet amount that is in line with your bankroll

To start the game, what is the minimum bet required? A gambler may deposit a wager equal to the minimum bet required to win, but this method carries the same risk as placing a ₱5000 or ₱2500 bet. You should take a larger bankroll than you are comfortable with instead of simply committing to the lowest possible minimum bet amount.

If you want a positive return, choose the wager with the best chance of delivering it rather than the lowest. Stay with the game until the number on the live roulette wheel stops moving. Spending too much time watching the ball as it spins on the live roulette wheel is not a good idea. You must compete with other players in the live roulette casino for attention and time.

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Know the house edge on the different bets

Once the rake has been considered, the house edge (also known as the vigorish, in the case of roulette wheels) represents the estimated profit for the gambler. For any single bet, the house edge is around 0.65 percent. As a result, you should only place bets on a live speed roulette table if you know the house edge beforehand.

Keep a bankroll that is big enough to last your playing session

To be enjoyable, you need money to buy a substantial bankroll for live dealer roulette. You need money that can buy you at least 10-15 chances to win with each turn of the wheel. If you win the jackpot on the roulette wheel, it’s easy to reach for your wallet to grab a few ₱1000s or the ₱2500s, but it won’t be enough to make the game worthwhile.

You should keep a stash of extra money that you can roll over at the end of a session rather than a single wallet with a wad of cash. Generally speaking, you should be able to walk out of a casino with more than enough cash for lunch, then make a few more bets, and then head to the ATM for a few more to keep yourself going.

Betting through chips

Since most players find playing live roulette more satisfying than placing wagers using coins or cards, this method is more profitable than placing wagers using coins or cards. You place your bets in hopes of winning additional bets from the dealer. You must bet every five spins again, so you start over if you run out of chips.

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Betting through money

The betting rules for the casino games you love depend on how much you want to wager and what skill you’re after. For instance, you might only want to bet ₱5000 when playing blackjack, but if you maximize your winning, you should go all-in. In this case, you should increase your bet to ₱10000, then bet the ₱10000 again on every subsequent hand, doubling your total bet.

Martingale system

When you lose, you double your bets, allowing you to lose any amount equal to double your bet. The casino keeps a fraction of the remaining stakes after you lose five chips, so if you lose five chips, you will have to wager five more chips on your next bet. Your winnings will be limited to what you initially bet, and your casino will keep a fraction of the remaining bet.

Bet on your lucky numbers

Casinos love betting on specific numbers, so much so that they offer a game called Lucky Number. In blackjack, for example, the lucky number for a player is 23. This is where lucky streaks play a significant role; if you have one, you should bet on it.

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Carefully choose a roulette table

Desktop computer or laptop roulette is the most popular live roulette. Many people prefer sitting at a table where you can interact with the dealer, so console versions are less popular because you aren’t sitting in your living room or at a convenient location for the dealer.

If you prefer, you can use a roulette table simulator that mimics a casino environment and features a leaderboard, chat, and virtual money, giving you a sense of the casino environment. Choosing a table when playing live roulette is important because it is one of your most important decisions. In roulette, there are four “black” and “white” squares, and the number of black chips you have equals the number of red and black chips on the table.

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People today can get caught up in the many ways in which they can lose money because everything seems to have its own opinion. Although a casino or casino game loss can be devastating, finding a way to be happy, despite it, can be very sweet. A win can feel even sweeter if you are playing a game like live roulette, which many of you enjoy.

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In general, gambling online is permitted in the Philippines. As well as providing a safe environment for playing wherever you want, 7XM is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices, so you can use an online roulette app or play on your desktop computer. Besides offering several promotions, bonuses, and rewards, 7XM offers an appealing welcome bonus. You will have an unforgettable Philippines casino experience with our wide variety of mobile, live and RNG roulette games from various software developers. One of the best things about this gambling site is that it’s legitimate and reliable, and your roulette experience will be just as fair and impeccable!

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