How to Play and Win Color Game Online: 7XM Tips and Tricks


Have you ever been nostalgic when you heard about the Color Game, an online perya game? This game has always been a favorite of carnival goers because it is one of the most fun and exciting games played at parties. It is impossible to be too old to experience the Philippine carnival “Perya,” particularly the luck-scrutinizer, Color Games, also known as “Color-Color.” Place your penny on the fun sides of cubes on a count of three, and HO-LA! Have fun playing wild and free!

Color Games are more than just a game. It has been in the lives of Filipinos, whether children or adults and surely everyone has something to say about it. We know how sad you were to lose your love of playing color games because of the pandemic. The sad thing is that you missed the chances that luck kicked off with the colors you chose. And we were lucky, too. So here we are! Color Game bring nostalgia into the present!

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In the early stages of the pandemic, our town held a carnival with various carnival games every feast season. Many visited perya often to play the Color Game, but the pandemic stopped us from having fun this time. We missed the excitement and the challenge we always had with our luck. As a game developer and with my team, we decided to make our own game to play it wherever we were. So now that everything is in place, we want to give anyone who wants their nostalgia fix a chance to experience it! Are you ready?

This game involves learning its roles and rules. You will use three cubes with the same color on each side. Each cube hangs in a specific section of the color board. It is exciting to roll three cubes of different colors and bet on anyone. As well as the board itself, there are six individual spaces where players can stake their pennies. You will double your money if one of your wagers shows up, triple it if two colors appear, and quadruple it if all three cubes appear.

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How to Play and Win Color Game Online

In the Philippines and throughout the world, Color Games are one of the most popular carnival games. Three cubes are used to play this game, each with six different colors. Color Game cubes are hung from a section of the board. Each cube has the same color on each side. Once you choose a color, the rest depends on luck.

It is easy and quick to play Color Games. It consists of three cubes, each with the same color on all six sides. Color Game cubes start in a hanging section of the board. Players may place their pennies to bet on the board on six spots of the same color. With this game, the player can wager on any color based on the results of rolling three cubes. If one of the colors that were wagered appears, the amount will be doubled, tripled if two colors appear, and quadrupled if all three cubes display the same color.

A player can win at Color Games by placing a wager on color and how much. The bookie will release the cubes; the rest depends on the player’s luck.

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Our color games will make no less difference than playing them at the carnival. First-timers or not, we ensure you will have the most enjoyable carnival experience possible. 

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Bringing you a nostalgic game from the Philippine carnivals called perya. More than a century after Filipino carnivals called perya were introduced, 7XM continues to bring you entertainment on the internet.

With this game, 7XM provides a realistic and easy-to-use digital platform experience. But what’s more amazing is the fact that it’s FREE! Play and enjoy our wonderful Perya experience.

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