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sweet land

Enjoy Rewarding Experiences with Sweet Land at 7XM

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Sweet Land: A Joyful World of Candy and Entertainment

sweet land

Additional Perks in Sweet Land

Yummy Spins Every Day

Weekend Delights in Sweet Land

FREE 600

Key Takeaways:

  • With five reels and twenty pay lines
  • Wild emblem
  • Scatter icon during bonus spins
  • The Bonus Candy Drop feature
  • Outstanding visuals and sound effects

What is the Sweet Land Game?

Sweet Land Game is a free-to-play mobile game in which players construct a thriving farm, raise animals, and cultivate and harvest crops. The game provides a wide array of commodities and animals for purchase, along with numerous embellishments that can be utilized to customize one’s farm. In addition to engaging in trade with other players, participants in events can also earn rewards.

How do I play the Sweet Land Game?

To play Sweet Land Game, a download from the App Store or Google Play is required. After the game has been downloaded, account creation becomes mandatory. You can then commence property development by engaging in animal husbandry and crop cultivation.
It will be necessary to water your plants and feed your animals on a consistent basis in order to preserve their health. As the game progresses, additional crops, livestock, and decorations become available for acquisition.

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