How to Play and Win Mega Fishing: 7XM Tips and Tricks


What is Mega Fishing?

7XM Mega Fishing

Mega Fishing is an online fish shooting game developed by JILI gaming with a similar theme to Jackpot Fishing. Mega octopus brings the golden lucky wheel, where you can win huge prizes! Other features include exploding crabs to kill strange fishes.

A breathtaking underwater world awaits you in Mega Fishing. It features up to 27 types of underwater creatures, giving players a wide range of shooting options, and a wheel of fortune appears when you kill the final boss, a mega octopus, giving you a huge bonus! Experience a fun day of playing fishing with us.


With the golden lucky wheel, the mega octopus can win huge prizes! Players can explore this game’s exquisite underwater world by shooting up to 27 different kinds of underwater creatures. The wheel of fortune will appear when you knock down the final boss, the mega octopus, bringing you huge rewards!

Playing Room

There are three levels to choose from in Mega Fishing:

  • Newbie Room: For bets between 0.1-10 (Newbie suggested).
7XM Mega Fishing Newbie Room
  • Honor Room: For bets between 1-100 (With high rewards).
7XM Mega Fishing Honor Room
  • Joy Room: For bets between 0.1-50 (The most popular).
7XM Mega Fishing Joy Room


There are a variety of sea creatures to shoot in Mega Octopus.

You’ll find a lucky wheel if you knock this octopus down!

Mega Fishing Game Features

Featuring a lucky wheel that lets you become a millionaire while playing fish shooting games without knowing what they are. You can win big prizes from special fish, chase the lord of the sea, and receive many rewards. The deep sea fish are attractive, the firing turrets are spectacular, the fish swarms are perfect, and the gold coins are plentiful. As long as you can control the moments, you can eat. The dream of being a winner is no longer a fantasy. Don’t hesitate when you see swarms of fish continuously emerging. This is the time to shoot them!

Special weapon – Railgun

7XM Mega Fishing Railgun

There is a chance that chain lightning will activate after killing a fish with the railgun (if the fish is a Drill Crab, you get the maximum multiplier).

Special weapon – Torpedo

7XM Mega Fishing Torpedo

Torpedoes cost 6X the bet amount but have a greater chance of killing fish.

Awakened Boss

7XM Mega Fishing Awakened Boss

Its Awakening effect kicks in after it kills the Giant Crocodile. The more fish it kills, the greater the rewards!

Mega Octopus Wheel

7XM Mega Fishing Mega Octopus Wheel

1. Upon killing the octopus, you will have the opportunity to spin the wheel.

2. As soon as the wheel stops spinning, you gain the multiplier shown.

3. You can spin the GOLDEN WHEEL if you land on the “Golden Wheel”, with a chance to win up to 950x multiplier!


7XM Mega Fishing Interface

7xm online casino

Play and Win Mega Fishing Game with 7XM

JILI Gaming’s Mega Fishing is just one of the online fish shooting games from the 7XM online platform. In addition to the golden lucky wheel, you can win huge prizes when you kill strange fish, like explosion bomb crabs. Join 7XM for free, have fun, and win real money!

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