How to Play and Win Mega Ball Live: 7XM Tips and Tricks


You can win even more with Mega Ball Live bonus rounds, which offer the chance to win even more with added multipliers! Mega Ball is an entertaining, fast-paced game show. You win more by getting more lines on your card! This unique online live dealer variant combines bingo-style game mechanics with lottery-bouncing balls to offer all the thrills of a world-class casino game show and bingo-style game mechanics.

Mega Ball Live
7XM Mega Ball Live

Developed in 2020, Evolution’s Mega Ball Live bingo live game show features a 95.05% RTP and a Mega Ball bonus round with a 100x multiplier and a ₱500,000 jackpot. This online live dealer game is unique and thrilling, with bouncing balls that remind you of bingo.

With this title, Evolution brought the classic family game closer to us by adding a golden glow that carries the Evolution stamp. The only difference between this game and the one you used to watch with your family on Sunday nights is the live casino thrill.

Especially the live dealer who keeps the excitement going with his encouraging comments; we like the developer’s approach to this release.

As with bingo, Mega Ball Live casino players buy cards before each round. Each card is numbered with a predetermined number combination, similar to bingo cards. Every ball in the chamber corresponds to a number on your card, and every ball brings you closer to a win. Players get to the Mega Ball after twenty balls. The Mega Ball is unique because it has an attached multiplier of up to 100x.

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Main characteristics:

  • Live bingo game show
  • Up to 200 cards available per round
  • Full HD broadcast
  • Expert host
  • Live chat
  • Available 24/7
  • Numbers reshuffle available
  • Mega Ball with 100x multipliers
  • Amazing ₱500,000 win potential
  • A solid 95.05% RTP

How to Play Live Mega Ball by Evolution

This game is unique because you are not playing against other players. Instead, you play alone – your cards and number combinations are only yours. You can reshuffle the 25 numbers on each card (24 + wild number) when you bet. The numbers cannot be chosen manually; only a random shuffle with an RNG can be chosen. Here’s how Mega Ball Live works:

Choose your casino

Choose a casino with all Evolution live dealer games, and you are ready to play. Choose the casino that best suits your needs to play this or any other game.

Place your wager

Players can place any amount they wish to bet in Live Mega Ball. The minimum bet is ₱5, and the maximum bet is ₱10,000. Look for the Card Value feature at the bottom of your screen before the round begins.

Pick the number of cards

Select the number of cards you would like to use. You can choose up to 200 cards per round. Shuffle the cards and hit Play.

Balls are drawn

You hope for a line win when the balls come out of the drum. But there’s a catch – each number immediately appears on all your cards. Once you complete a line, it turns golden.

Mega Ball

A random multiplier appears with this ball. The multiplier can award show-stopping prizes since it can go up to 100x. The payout plus the multiplier will be awarded to you if this number is needed to complete a line. So now you know how to play Evolution’s Mega Ball Live!

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Top Live Mega Ball Strategy & Tips

Since there is no actual interaction between the player and the game, many have wondered if a Mega Ball Live strategy would be effective.

The live game show offered little room for experimentation. Since you can’t choose each number individually, you can’t influence Mega Ball’s house edge. As a result, the developer ensured fair play, so winning strategies had no value. Nevertheless, you can still make a difference from a betting perspective. Here are a few tips to help you win in Mega Ball Live:

Buy More Cards

We can only give you sound advice if you play the Mega Ball Live casino game with more cards. For instance, playing with just one card is not that rewarding. In contrast, if you buy ten or more cards, you may experience a better outcome. The math is straightforward because you have 120 possible lines with ten cards. A line win is more likely to occur when you have more cards. With 12 cards, you have 12 ways to win, so you can win your stake easily.

Pay attention to your bets

It is a video slot with a theoretical RTP of 95.05%, lower than most. Therefore, keep it simple and make bets less than 10% of your total balance. In addition, it’s a good idea to lower the bet if you play with more cards. Bet ₱1 for one or ten cards is fine, but ₱0.10 is better with 25 or more cards.

7XM Mega Ball Multipliers
7XM Mega Ball Multipliers

Mega Ball Live Payouts

Even though you may not be able to catch the Mega Ball Live, you still have the potential to win up to 10,000x! If you catch the Mega Ball, this win can be multiplied up to 100x. When you multiply 2+2 together, you can win 1,000,000 times your bet on a live casino game!

Filling lines on your cards is the main objective of the live dealer game. In addition, the more lines you fill on your cards, the more money you will win. Each card has 24 numbers. There are 5 horizontal lines and 5 vertical lines. The middle spot remains empty, so there are 25 spaces for numbers. As a result, the more lines you fill up, whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the bigger the payout per card. Check out the Mega Ball Live payouts below:

  • 1x your bet for 1 line, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
  • 5x your bet for 2 lines
  • 50x your bet for 3 lines
  • 250x your bet for 4 lines
  • 1,000x your bet for 5 lines
  • 10,000x your bet for 6 lines

Our Experience with Mega Ball Game

Mega Ball live certainly provides a lot of entertainment. It is hard to imagine that a game with such simple gameplay could provide so much entertainment. Our favorite feature is its Multiplier Ball feature, which adds a touch of fun to the game. Mega Ball Live by Evolution isn’t a regular lottery game – it comes from a respected provider, so Evolution couldn’t have created something uninteresting and mediocre.

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Interaction, however, is important to us.

The host is present in this game, and you can watch the action from your screen, but your activity ends there. As such, we always prefer live games with more interaction than slots. It is obvious, of course, that you cannot influence the drum or the balls, nor can you pick any particular number. However, we had a lot of fun. The game is visually appealing, has a lot of potentials, and is a refreshing change to live casinos – so we liked it.

Although the game was very volatile, we had to play dozens of rounds in which the stakes and cards were often changed. The results were a few completed lines, but it might be too challenging for a medium roller.

If you enjoy risk and have high-rolling, tendencies, Evolution Mega Ball live game will be perfect for you.

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  • Easy gameplay
  • Visually pleasing
  • Great win potential


Players are inactive for most of the game

Play & Win Mega Ball Live

It’s all about getting as many lines per card as possible – the more lines you get, the more you win! Mega Ball is a unique, entertaining, and fast-paced game show that features one or two Mega Ball bonus rounds.

The Mega Ball game is as exciting as Crazy Time and Monopoly live. It’s fast and exciting; you can play with small beads and still win big. The tension at the Mega Ball draw is incredible and keeps you going every round. It’s a great game, and we recommend you try it out. It won’t disappoint you!

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