How to Play & Win Tongits Go: 7XM Tips & Tricks

With the advent of cutting-edge technology, you can now play games on your phone and computer. Tongits Go Online is one of many sports that have undergone a metamorphosis. 

7XM Tongits Go

Playing the game on your Android phone, iPhone, or computer is as simple as downloading and installing the app. The experience can be unique if you know how to play. 

What is Tongits Game? 

Three participants are playing this rummy-type sport, which gained popularity in the 1990s on Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines. It spread quickly to other parts of the world and is currently practiced by many. 

  • Ace has 1 point 
  • Cards 2 to 9 carry face-value points 
  • Card 10-KING has 10 points 
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About Tongits Go 

Jili developed this online multiplayer card game which can be played on any device. The game is based on a Filipino card game called “Tongits,” which is similar to Rummy.

Tongits Go involves forming sets and runs of cards from a standard deck of 52 cards plus two jokers, which can be used as wild cards to substitute for any card in a set or run.

During each round, players draw a card from the deck and discard a card from their hand. The first player to get three sets or runs and one pair wins.

Aside from Classic, Fast, and Tournament modes, Tongits Go offers daily challenges, leaderboards, and the ability to customize avatars and chat with other players.

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Rules on How to Play Tongits Go

Everyone who wishes to participate in Tongits needs first to understand the rules. Here are the essential Tongits rules you need to master. 

  • Initially, a random dealer is selected. Subsequent dealers are the winners from previous rounds. The dealer begins dealing counterclockwise. 
  • The gamer’s turn begins when he/she chooses a discard card or chows.
  • There must be at least one meld on the table to draw.
  • When other gamers have connected cards to your meld since your last run, you must wait for one full rotation before calling “draw”. 
  • On your last turn, if you still need to meld and your opponents haven’t connected to your meld(s), you can challenge but can’t draw. 
  • No matter what direction the cards move, the person to the player’s right, called “draw”, wins if he or she has a higher count than the other two participants with a lower count and is tied.
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How to Win Real Money with Tongits Go?

As explained below, there are three ways to win.

Win by the deck running out: A deck of cards can run out, and if no player has won by Tongits or called “draw”, the winner is the one with the least points. 

Tongits: Participants can win by connecting cards to exposed or opponents’ sets or getting rid of all their cards and winning. 

Win by “draw”: Last, a participant who believes they have fewer points than their opponents can call a “draw”. When this is done, the participant with the fewest points wins. 

Winning and scoring 

Tongits: 2 bet 

The deck runs out: 3 bet 

Call a draw: Challenge: 3 bets, 

Fold: 1 bet 

Burn: 2 bets (in all cases) 

What is burned in Tongits?

When a participant is “burned” during this game, they can neither challenge a draw if one is called nor win in the tally count when the stack runs out. A “burn” occurs when a participant fails to lay down a meld and has neither special melds when the round ends. 

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If you wish to play the Tongits game on your mobile or PC, please follow the steps below.

  • Visit 7XM.CO
  • Go to HOT Games/ Poker Games
  • Search & Click Tongits Go. 
  • Begin playing the game.

It requires skill, guts, and strategy to play Tongits online game.

There is no doubt that Tongits Online is the most popular indoor sport in the world. However, with technological advancements, you can now play it online. It is similar to the traditional table game, except that you get the joy of playing it on your phone or laptop. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Tongits Go

What is Jili Tongits Go?

This version of Tongits is played on the Jili platform and features bonuses and special features to make the gameplay more exciting.

Can I play Jili Tongits Go with my friends?

Creating a private game room or joining a public game room allows you to invite friends to play Jili Tongits Go.

How do I earn chips and diamonds in Jili Tongits Go?

Jili Tongits Go lets you earn chips and diamonds by winning games, completing missions, and participating in events.

Is Jili Tongits Go safe to play?

Despite Jili Tongits Go being a safe game, players should always exercise caution when using mobile apps and only download apps from reputable sources.

How do I report a problem or give feedback about Jili Tongits Go?

A customer support email address can be found on the app store page or in the settings menu of Jili Tongits Go.

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