How to Play and Win Happy Fishing: 7XM Tips and Tricks



As its name suggests, Happy Fishing offers players a lot of fun and bonuses, especially the gem turtle. If you manage to take it down, you’ll get 8 times your odds prize. Run, grab your weapon, and shoot to win!

With torpedoes, special equipment, and fashions, Happy Fishing gives you more power to challenge! Many species drop in, gorgeous reels and colorful pictures, only at Happy Fishing!

7XM Happy Fishing Game
7XM Happy Fishing Game


There are several underwater creatures in this game, but gem turtles and lucky octopuses are the most powerful.


Immortal boss

You can continuously earn rewards by attacking the immortal boss until it leaves the stage.

7XM Happy Fishing Immortal Boss
7XM Happy Fishing Immortal Boss

Special weapon-torpedo

There is a higher chance of killing fish if torpedoes are fired, but it costs six times the bet amount.

7XM Happy Fishing Special Weapon Torpedo
7XM Happy Fishing Special Weapon Torpedo

Mega Octopus Wheel

7XM Happy Fishing Mega Octopus Wheel
7XM Happy Fishing Mega Octopus Wheel

1. You will be able to spin the wheel after killing the octopus.

2. As soon as the wheel stops spinning, you gain the multiplier shown.

In addition, if you land on the “Golden Wheel”, you can spin the GOLDEN WHEEL, resulting in up to 950x multipliers! Bonuses.


7XM Happy Fishing Interface
7XM Happy Fishing Interface

Happy Fishing Tips and Tricks

1. Shoot the fish with small scores

It is important to check carefully which fish bring what number of points. Each game has its own scoring system, but it usually ranges from 1 to 100 points. It is easier to get coins if you shoot fish with fewer points.

2. Observe the speed of the fish

The smaller the fish, the slower it moves. Although they give quite a few coins, you will usually find it easier to spread them. Big fish give you big rewards, but they also increase your chances of missing, which leads to wasting a lot of bullets and time. However, bonus fish require much more ammunition to defeat, regardless of speed.

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3. Shoot the fish when they gather in swarms

A strong fish can be shot at randomly, but it’s better to wait for the right moment, and then fire when the fish enter the swarm. This will greatly increase your odds of winning. Patience is key.

4. Don’t shoot hidden fish

It is often possible to spot fish hiding under rocks or seaweed when playing fish table games. While each hidden fish increases your winnings by 30%, it is extremely difficult to shoot them. Inherently, trying to shoot these dodging fish runs the risk of losing a lot of bullets and time.

5. Shoot big fish if you have a lot of bullets

A considerable amount of money is required for this strategy.

The best way to increase your win rate is to hit the big fish. For this, it is best to use large bullets, which make shooting them easier. Shooting small fish will be a waste of money if you have a lot of money in your account. Even though you will have to spend a lot more fish, the cost of the shot targets will quickly be covered.

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6. Try mustache tactics

The same mistake is made by many beginners when they aim at large fish and ignore small ones. If you miss a large target, you will lose large bullets. In addition, you will reduce your win rate if you do not manage to kill those fish. Therefore, you should concentrate on small targets.

7. Be careful when shooting alone fish

Most people mistakenly choose large bullets when shooting single fish, but medium or small will do. Shoot these fish only if they are close to avoid unnecessary waste.

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Fish table games require a great deal of concentration and a well-planned strategy compared to other casino games. The rules can seem very complicated at first, but if you follow a few tips, you’ll be able to win a lot of money. You have to pay attention to which fish to shoot, which bullets to use at a particular moment, and most importantly, how to correctly calculate the point system in your head to increase the game’s efficiency. The more you master the rules of this game, the more you will enjoy it. 

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