How to Play and Win Crazy Time Live: 7XM Tips and Tricks


The Evolution game show Crazy Time Live hit the scene in 2020 after the phenomenal success of Dream Catcher. A dazzling wheel of prizes and a real casino dealer were part of Crazy Time live game show setup, which won Evolution the Innovation in Casino Entertainment award at the 2020 SBC Awards.

Crazy Time Live
7XM Crazy Time

What is Crazy Time?

It is one of the most popular live game shows featuring a wheel with 54 segments, and eight bets are available. It includes 4 numbered bets, each with available bets and payouts, and 4 captivating bonus games that add even more excitement to the live show.

Furthermore, the game also features a Top Slot feature, where a set of two reels are spun to add special win multipliers to numbered bets or upgrade one of the four bonus games.

How to Play Crazy Time Live

How do you join the excitement of Crazy Time live casino? Follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your chip size and bet on the 8 spaces available during the betting period.
  • As soon as the timer expires, the top slot is spun to reveal 1 of the bet spaces, and a multiplier is applied to all winnings for the space that lands.
  • In the case of a wheel spin, the winning space is the one shown when the wheel stops.
  • Winnings are paid out, and multipliers are applied as necessary.
  • If a bonus game space is bet on and wins, you are taken to the bonus game, where you can win real cash prizes or bet multipliers.
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How to Win Crazy Time Live

The goal of Crazy Time Live is to predict where the wheel will land after each spin correctly. You may bet on up to eight spaces, but the payouts depend on where the wheel lands.

The 1 space is the safest bet because it has the highest number of occurrences on the wheel and offers the lowest payout of 1:1. 10 is the highest-paying bet and has only 4 occurrences on the wheel.

Additionally, each round, a reel above the wheel will reveal a space multiplied by 1 of 8 and applied to all winnings at the end of the game. When a multiplier is applied to a bonus game, the winning value during the bonus game is increased by its value. 

For example:

  • A ₱5 bet is placed on the 1 space.
  • The reel is spun and reveals 1 and a 3x multiplier.
  • The wheel is then spun and lands on the 1 space.
  • The payout for the win is 1:1, which is ₱10 x3 which makes a total of ₱30 returned at the end of the round.
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Crazy Time Live Strategies

Bonus Game Bonanza

There is nothing better than a bonus game, and this strategy makes that priority #1. Bet exclusively on the 4 bonus games at any value to ensure you never miss out. You can alter your bet amounts depending on how likely each segment will win in each bonus game since each segment has a different number of segments on the board. Four of the bonus features on the Wheel are Coin Flip, while just one is Crazy Time Live.

Playing it Safe

It involves avoiding bonus game spaces entirely and betting exclusively on the numbered spaces. One of the safest strategies is to use the numbered space the most on the wheel, with 21 available segments from 1 alone. Since 45 out of the 54 wheel segments are numbered, there is a pretty good chance that a number will win.

Crazy Time Martingale

A version of the Martingale Roulette Strategy has been made for Crazy Time Live, one of the most popular roulette strategies. Essentially, you decide what you will bet, and after every loss, you double your bet values. This strategy works by recouping the losses when you win for the amounts you lose.

All In

When you can’t choose your favourite bet, bet on all available spaces to maximize your chances of winning, and you’ll always qualify for bonus games. You can either set the same bet values for all spaces or mix and match your bet values based on what wins the most in your current game if you’re feeling strategic.

The Match

It involves matching your bet to the odds of each number available, a variation of Playing it Safe.

For example

  • The number 1 has a payout ratio of 1:1
  • You place a ₱1 bet on 1
  • 2 has a payout ratio of 2:1
  • You place a ₱2 bet on 1
  • Continue until all numbered spaces are filled in the same style.

Payouts are maximized when landing higher-valued numbers, such as 5 or 10. However, this strategy is slightly higher risk.

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Probabilistic strategy

To test yourself against the machines, this strategy is well-suited for players. In the game history tab, you can see the results of the last 60 rounds and see if there is a tendency. You simply open the game history tab. Certain fields are hit more often than others. This strategy requires patience on the Crazy Time wheel. You should bet on fields that are likely to repeat in at least six rounds based on your calculations. For example, you must be patient if bonus fields don’t appear after six rounds. You can start betting on them only after a few rounds have passed.

Low-volatility strategy

In this strategy, you spread your bets over as many areas of the Crazy Time wheel as possible. For example, if you have a budget of ₱100, you can bet ₱10 each round. The number “2” is represented 13 times on the wheel, and you can bet the number twice. A further ₱2.50 is placed on the number “5”, represented five times on the wheel with a five-fold increase if you win and seven fields. With the last ₱5, you have covered three bonus fields. You have a good 50% chance of winning one of them.

Crazy Time Live Bonus Games

There are also four unique bonus games in Crazy Time Live and the standard bets that award cash prizes. Bonus games are activated when they are landed on at the end of the wheel spin.

To qualify for a bonus game, you must have bet on the bonus game space during the betting phase. If a top slot multiplier is applied to a bonus game, the multipliers will upgrade before the game begins.

This bonus field is an exciting change from regular number fields. It conceals four different bonus features that add a bit of excitement and thrills to the game.

7XM Crazy Time Bonus Game
7XM Crazy Time Bonus Games

Coin Flip Bonus

A coin is thrown to determine your luck in this game. The coin can either stay on the blue side or the red side. Each side has a multiplier value that can be as high as 5,000. In the next bonus round, you can win more money if the additional coin lying beneath the playing field is triggered.

Cash Hunt Bonus

If you bet on this special field, a lucrative bonus round is triggered, and the wheel stops here. Behind the wheel of fortune is a winning wall with 108 different fields. The biggest win in this bonus round is a 2,500x multiplier. The player is responsible for shooting the 108 fields with a riflescope. You will immediately receive your winnings in your account.

Pachinko Bonus

There is a classic game show element to Crazy Time Live with the Pachinko Bonus. The game occurs on a huge pinball wall with various multipliers at the bottom. With the help of clicks, you help the ball move over the pinball wall to reach the correct field with the desired multiplier. You can win great prizes here with patience and skill. The “Double” function doubles your winnings.

Crazy Time Bonus    

There is a 160,000x multiplier waiting for you in the bonus round. If you make it this far, you’ll be presented with a three-flap wheel. You have to pick one of the flaps before the bonus round starts. Each flap holds a different prize, so you can even win the jackpot with some luck.

Bonus Game: Pachinko RTP(%): 94.33% Number of Wheel Segments: 2 Description: The puck is dropped in from the top, and the space it lands in at the bottom will have its multiplier applied to the activating bet.

Bonus Game: Cash Hunt RTP(%): 95.27% Number of Wheel Segments: 2 Description: Aim for a number of the 108 available symbols and, when the timer expires, fire to reveal multipliers that are applied to your total bet.

Bonus Game: Coin Flip RTP(%): 95.70% Number of Wheel Segments: 4 Description: Multipliers are randomly added to a coin’s Red and Blue sides. The coin is then flipped by the dealer, with the winning side’s multiplier applied to your bet value.

Bonus Game: Crazy Time RTP(%): 94.41% Number of Wheel Segments: 1 Description: Enter the world of Crazy Time with a new far-out backdrop and a mega wheel containing 64 segments and 3 flappers. Choose your flapper and spin the wheel to reveal mega-win multipliers applied to your total bet.

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Crazy Time Live Payouts & Odds

Bet Number: 1 Number of Wheel Segments: 21 Odds: 1:1 Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): ₱10

Bet Number: 2 Number of Wheel Segments: 13 Odds: 2:1 Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): ₱15

Bet Number: 5 Number of Wheel Segments: 7 Odds: 5:1 Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): ₱30

Bet Number: 10 Number of Wheel Segments: 4 Odds: 10:1 Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): ₱55

Bet Number: Pachinko Number of Wheel Segments: 2 Odds: N/A Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): Up to ₱500,000

Bet Number: Cash Hunt Number of Wheel Segments: 2 Odds: N/A Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): Up to ₱500,000

Bet Number: Coin Flip Number of Wheel Segments: 4 Odds: N/A Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): Up to ₱500,000

Bet Number: Crazy Time Number of Wheel Segments: 1 Odds: N/A Winnings (based on a ₱5 bet): Up to ₱500,000

Top Tips for Crazy Time Live

  • Start small – Make small bets to learn how the game works and experiment without risking losing big.
  • Split your bets – After you have mastered the basics, split your bets across multiple spaces and start placing bets on some bonus games.
  • Different bets have different odds – It’s important to remember that different bets have varying chances of winning. The 1-space bet has the highest chance of winning because it has the most occurrences on the wheel, while Crazy Time Live only has 1 space.
  • Multipliers can add bonuses – Keep an eye out for bonus multipliers, as they can increase an odds bet’s total win or upgrade a bonus round’s value.
  • Set limits – Any casino game needs to make the experience enjoyable. Set spending limits to ensure you stay within your budget. Visit our Responsible Gambling Tools for more information.
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Play and Win Crazy Time Live

Playing Crazy Time Live in an online casino feels like a game show. With generous multiplier potentials and various winning opportunities, it has plenty to offer. The game has an attractive interface and visuals, with multipliers awarded after each spin. You’ll also appreciate the HD quality of the live game.

Now is the best time to play Crazy Time Live! It’s simple to play and has enough payout potential to keep players entertained and well-rewarded. Get ready to play the most fun casino game ever made! Register on 7XM, and you can play Crazy Time Live Casino anytime, anywhere, on any device. It is a true game show that everyone loves!

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